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Apple has officially released a new mobile app that not only assists consumers with managing its Beats Pill+ speakers, but also gives the company its second presence on the Google Play Store. As part of Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats Music & Beats Electronics, the company also acquired all of the products associated with that company. The Beats Pill+ speaker however was the first speaker product released after the acquisition and is designed by Apple. The latest app from the company assists users in getting the most out of the new hardware.

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Apple has surprised us all today by announcing a new and improved Beats Pill bluetooth speaker, and is calling it the Pill+. The new speaker isn’t a radical retake of the original Pill with Apple focusing on making some serious under-the-hood improvements to produce what could arguably be the best sounding Pill ever. Pill+ is set to replace the original Pill speaker which was launched back in 2012. It is larger than previous Pill, but smaller than now discontinued Pill XL.

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