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Ever wondered how could you get the famous Aero Glass experience on your Windows XP machine? komalo of deviantArt has released a skin for Windows XP users called Border Skin which will give you Aero Glass UX from Windows 7 and Vista right on your PC running Windows XP.

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9/9/08 has been an exciting day full of releases. After the Zunes and iPods were announced with the later getting all the media attention, Microsoft stepped in and unveiled some seriously sexy looking hardware which includes mice, a Wireless Desktop with Aero Glass and the new LifeCam.

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Microsoft might be introducing application specific glass renderings. The color of the glass frame around a window can be changed in Vista, but the change is global to the system. The color of any particular window glass frame can not be set by choice. But, how about being able to change the color/opacity level of a the glass frame of any application through defined events or commands?

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