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Earning through paid apps for iPhone developers is not new, but earning $1400 USD in a single day through a free app in App Store is nothing less than hitting the jackpot. Jason Ting, a US based iPhone developer shared data on his revenues made using newly launched Apple iAd program. The data showed that he made $1400 on the first day alone for a iPhone 4 utility app that was approved, and released by Apple only yesterday. More astonishing was the astounding $150 eCPM which he got for his app from iAd program.

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In the latest version of the ongoing Laptop Hunters Ad series, Matt and Olivia goes on hunting to buy a notebook for under $700. They wander around the store, looking for different notebooks including a Macbook which they needless to say reject, saying ”Mac is just too small”. They finally settled on buying a freaking HP branded notebook (again) for just under $700.

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The 3rd installment from Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunters” Ad series is out! This time its Lisa and Jackson who chooses a $1500 Sony Vaio over a Mac which fulfills their gaming and other entertainment needs.

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