List: M4 iPad Pro USB 4 / Thunderbolt Cables With 40Gbps Speeds

The Apple M4 iPad Pro is now official and it’s a powerhouse of a device that can do just about anything that even the biggest power user is likely to throw at it. It of course supports USB-C charging and data throughput not to mention USB 4 / Thunderbolt connectivity, and you’ll need the right cable to make the most out of it.

Whether you’re connecting to a high-speed data source or have a Thunderbolt hub that you want to use for advanced connectivity, a good Thunderbolt or USB 4 cable is vital for your new M4 iPad Pro tablet. We’ve found a selection of options that will do the job, and all you need to do is pick the one that best fits your needs.


With that said, let’s dive into those cables.

BRIMFORD USB 4 Cable with LED Display

This cable is 3.3 feet in length and comes with support for everything you could possibly need including super-fast 240W charging and support for high-speed 40Gbps data throughout. The cable itself is also braided to ensure it lasts as long as possible, too.

Buy: BRIMFORD USB 4 Cable with LED Display: $14.99

SUMPK 1-Feet USB 4 Cable 2-Pack

A pack of two cables makes for added flexibility and this one supports 240W charging and a 40Gbps throughput which is enough for a single 8K display or two 4K displays, but note that both cables are just 1-feet so that’s something to keep in mind.

Buy: SUMPK 1-Feet USB 4 Cable 2-Pack: $19.99

OWC Thunderbolt 4 Cable

Another short cable, this OWC cable is Thunderbolt certified and supports the familiar 40Gbps data connectivity and 240W charging, enough to power anything you’re likely to plug in. These smaller cables could come in handy while traveling when space is limited.

Buy: OWC Thunderbolt 4 Cable: $22

Spigen Thunderbolt 4 Cable

This is a cable that doesn’t have the same 240W charging capability and instead tops out at 100W, but that’s still more than enough for charging high-end laptops. The same 40Gbps data connectivity is still supported, however.

Buy: Spigen Thunderbolt 4 Cable: $24.99

Anker Thunderbolt 4 Cable

Anker is a big name in accessories these days and this cable at 2.3 feet in length is reasonable without being too long and expensive. It supports the familiar 40Gbps data throughput capability with a 100W charging option, too.

Buy: Anker Thunderbolt 4 Cable: $39.99

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