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To say the smartwatch market is amid something of a boom would be a great understatement. But while Apple Watch and Google’s Android Wear are both looking to take a considerable chunk of this new wearable category, it’s worth considering the strong fitness-related features that vendors are packing into these gadgets. Fitbit is a company that has been churning out fitness-tracking apps for a while now, but with the big companies likely to crowd the smaller names out, is in something of a battle to remain relevant. As such, Fitbit has introduced two new devices today; one fitness tracker, and further device resembling a smartwatch.

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The emergence of social networks and sharing services like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr has only accelerated the popularity of mobile photography and means we can share our creations with a few taps. But what about those who want to go beyond the native capabilities of mobile cameras with an added accessory? Well, the extremely popular Easy-Macro is one of the more popular options, and it just got even better.

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