Someone Re-Built An AirTag To Make It Fit Into A Wallet

Apple’s AirTag has been on the market for a few days now and it’s already proving popular among early adopters. But its round, somewhat chunky design has one problem that a ton of people have already noticed – it isn’t particularly well suited to fitting into a wallet.

So someone took matters into their own hands.

YouTuber Andrew Ngai took a brand new AirTag apart and set about finding what he could do to make his tracker fit the one place he wanted it to live – inside his wallet. The result was a design that included taking the whole thing apart and then 3D printing a new mount for the AirTag logic board and battery. The result went surprisingly well!

I wanted to put an Airtag into my wallet so that I can also track it’s location but I found out that the Airtag is quite thick and it will create a bulge in my wallet. So I modified the Airtag and gave it a new body!

You can get the instructions for building your own 3D printed AirTag mount online and we think you’ll be pretty pleased with the results. So long as you have the skills and nerves of steel required to take a fully working AirTag apart and solder wires to it, of course!

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