Sileo 0.8b8 Update For iOS 12 Jailbreak Now Available To Download

The team behind the Sileo package manager has taken to Twitter to announce the availability of Sileo 0.8 beta 8. (0.8b8). The release is available with immediate effect in a pre-release capacity and follows on from the early 0.8b4 release.

Sileo, for those that may not be in the know, or for who have been staying away from the jailbreak scene recently, is an app which is in development by the Electra team intended to be a full replacement for Jay Freeman’s Cydia tool.

It would essentially allow jailbroken device owners to access repositories, download tools, tweaks, and utilities, and update them to new versions, exactly as Cydia does. Its aim is to the default package manager for jailbroken devices.

The tweet from the official @GetSileo account outlined exactly what was new with the latest beta 8 release of version 0.8.

Sileo 0.8b8 is now available!

APT has been updated to 1.7.4, some minor UI issues were fixed, and Sileo now detects and attempts to recover from dpkg being interrupted!

Also our APT 1.7.4 build has 1 less patch on top of upstream compared to 1.7.2, making it closer to upstream!

The team then continued to update via Twitter to confirm that version 0.8b8 is available to download for jailbroken devices on the @electra_team repository via Cydia for those devices which have been jailbroken via the Electra tool. Which is slightly ironic considering Sileo is meant to be used as a replacement for Cydia but is currently accessible via the very tool that it is intended to replace. Those with non-jailbroken devices can grab the latest release at the team’s download page at

Currently. the Sileo package exists within an entirely pre-release/beta state and therefore cannot be expected to be perfect and trouble-free. With that in mind, anyone accessing this beta should expect to find issues in the experience. Any issues found should be reported back to the Sileo team to be fixed and put right ahead of a new release further down the line.

Currently, there is no timeline in place for an official public release, nor is it even clear if Sileo will reach its lofty goal of replacing Cydia. However, testing continues with Sileo 0.8b8 available to download right now.

If you are running a non-jailbroken device, then you can check out Sileo with limited functionality, here:

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