Scalado Remove App For iOS And Android Can Remove Unwanted Objects From Images [VIDEO]

If you open up any glossy magazine in recent times, you will be more than familiar with designers and artists’ ability to magically transform the aesthetics of a person or object to make it look glamorous. I think the industry term for this is ‘airbrushed’ and seems to be used frequently on scantily clad models.

I remember in the release of Photoshop CS5, which brought a new feature known as ‘Content-Aware Fill’, which basically is a fancy way of Adobe saying you now have the ability to remove an item from a photograph and fill the void left with content from the background of the image. The power of such a feature should not be under-estimated as it provides a very simple and quick way to dramatically alter any image with a professional outcome.

Remove splash

The Content-Aware Fill feature is pretty powerful, but Photoshop is an extremely memory intensive application and requires serious processing power to perform at its best and therefore just isn’t suitable for a mobile environment. So what do we do when we need similar functionality that the new aware-fill feature provides, but on a mobile platform? A new application called Scalado Remove is winging its way onto iPhone and Android devices which may be the first application to fill that void.

Remove utilizes powerful technologies to automatically highlight and remove any unwanted objects or people from an imported photograph. The app is being billed as the world’s first object removal software for mobile devices, and after racking our brains thinking of possible alternatives, we just can’t refute that claim.

Remove app

We are at the stage now, with mobile smartphones, where the embedded cameras offer such fantastic quality that they are becoming the day to day choice for most budding photographers. Even services like Flickr are reporting that the most used camera for the uploading of images is the iPhone 4, and with the launch of the 4S in October 2011 Apple now have an even better camera enabled device. The Remove application gives additional power to photographers by allowing standard, everyday objects to be removed from an image such as a random person jumping into the shot at the last minute, or a lamp post which may be obscuring an otherwise perfect snapshot.

Remove Demo

The application is capable of detecting and selecting the unwanted images, which then allows the user to simply tap and use gestures to select the highlighted areas and remove selected portions of the image. This can be done either during, or after the image has been captured using the device’s camera. Check out the video demo below to get an idea how the app works:

Not much more information is available at the present about the Scalado Remove application, but it is set to showcase at the 2012 Mobile World Conference which is happening at the end of this month. Pricing, availability and device compatibility will be available then.

(source Scalado)

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