Samsung Intends To Destroy All Galaxy Note 7 Units

If you were wondering what would become of the millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that Samsung will have to scrap as part of its massive, second attempt at a product recall, then wonder no more.

Speaking to Motherboard, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the company has “a process in place to safely dispose the phones,” although no clarification on exactly what that would entail has yet been offered. The expectation is that the phones will not be recycled, for the most part, as inefficient recycling procedures in place for smartphones mean that the rare minerals used within them are unable to be recovered.


With around 2 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones said to be set for the scrap heap, that’s a lot of parts that could unfortunately find their way to landfill, impacting the environment in a big way.

With so many high-end smartphones destined to never find a home following Samsung’s unprecedented decision to fully recall and discontinue the Galaxy Note 7, some had wondered whether parts would find their way into other smartphones in the future. That now doesn’t appear to be the case, with Samsung making it clear that no handset will be spared. When it says all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones will be disposed of, it clearly means it.

On the back of the recall and death of the model itself, Samsung has now adjusted its third-quarter earnings estimates in order to account for over $2 billion in losses associated with the Galaxy Note 7, and over $17 billion when the market cap loss because of this disastrous Note 7 launch is taken into account. Analysts expect the losses to continue to mount up, too, suggesting that the farce that has been the handset’s short life is far from over, especially for Samsung’s beleaguered public relations people. And probably its accountants, too!

Remember folks, if you’re still carrying a Galaxy Note 7, power it off and return it to Samsung as soon as you can. If you intend to delay, be sure to keep the phone in your sights and far away from flammables at all times.


(Source: Motherboard)

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