Print Your Facebook Photos On A Large Canvas With CanvasPop

With our mobile devices’ cameras improving year in, year out, and supplementary apps making editing and manipulating easy for essentially anyone to master, social networks from Facebook to Flickr see billions of images uploaded to servers each year.

As such, the potential for revenue stretches way beyond in-app purchases and subscription models, with many apps now offering print services for those special snaps. Hipstamatic for iOS is a prime example – offering various different lenses and printing services to give its cult following a very retro, vintage snapping experience on their digital devices.

If you’re thinking a little bigger than a few more pocket photos, though, you may want to consider CanvasPop. The service allows you to upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your hard drive, and turns them into a canvas ready to spice up a big blank space on your wall.


Many Facebook users end up with thousands of photos, so CanvasPop serves as a great way to single out those favorites and give them a little more meaning than simply making up the album numbers. The service has been around for a while, but up until now, hasn’t had Facebook support, instead catering for desktop images as well as those of the insanely-popular Instagram – fast approaching 30 million users.

Some pictures simply cannot be appreciated on the small screen, and need a bigger platform from which to shine. In such cases, CanvasPop is a great solution, allowing those images most memorable to be blown up and placed in a more sacred location than 43rd position of a 212-photo album. Of course, by using the term "blown up", many of you will envisage pixelated, blurry shots due to the down scaled nature of Facebook images. Fortunately, CanvasPop’s forte is image upsizing, and the company uses special technology to ensure the finished article is nothing short of perfection.

CanvasPop site

CanvasPop site 2

Similarly to the Instagram experience, you can add your own filters to the image before finalizing your order. There are a range of sizes available, from 8 x 10 to 24 x 72, and prices start at a modest $30 – stretching to $419 for the largest.

Here’s a video complied by CanvasPop, which demonstrates how the service works.

Check out the company’s main page to place your order today.

(via TechCrunch)

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