President Trump Once Again Claims Apple Is Building Plants In The U.S., Only It’s Not

Love him or loathe him, current United States President, Donald Trump, is always good for a headline or two, and he’s been at it again. This time he’s been talking about Apple and its plans to build “new plants” in the United States. The problem is, that’s not strictly accurate.

The mention of Apple came during a speech during which he was talking about the country’s economic growth, as reported by Business Insider. While speaking he mentioned that Apple is building “new plants” in the United States, something that Apple has never said to be on the table.

He did get something right when he said that Apple would be opening a “magnificent campus” in the States, something Apple has mentioned in the past. Expected next year, Apple announced during 2017 that it would “establish a campus initially housing technical support for customers.”

However, new plants? Not so much.

“Apple alone is bringing in $230 billion and they’re building new plants, they’re building a magnificent campus, they’re gonna be spending their money very wisely, but they’re spending it in our country, not in some other country,” Trump said in a speech on the White House South Lawn.

“That was made possible by the new tax cut and reform plan,” he continued.

Trump has claimed that Apple will open new plants in the United States before, something that Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has been careful to not talk about, with Apple instead saying that it is committed to job creation and growth within the country. Whether Trump does not realize he’s talking about something that isn’t happening or is simply lying is anyone’s guess, but if he really does think Apple is building plants in the US then he’s going to be disappointed.

(Source: Business Insider)

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