President Obama Tries To Reconnect With Voters, Starts Updating Twitter & Facebook Accounts Himself

Barack Obama is an icon to many of us, not only in America but all across the world. What we know him the most for is the grassroots campaign he ran, but now that he’s President, some think the "yes we can feel" has drowned out. In order to deal with that, Obama will start posting on his Twitter account, and become more active on Facebook.


Although many celebrities and politicians own accounts on social networks, don’t be fooled: most of the tweeting is actually done by PR people. The same was the case with Obama’s Twitter account, but according to an announcement on the President’s Twitter account, no more:

Welcome to a new @BarackObama. From now on, #Obama2012 staff will manage this account; tweets from the President will be signed "-BO."

Although not all of the tweets will be posted by the President himself, he’ll have a more prominent presence now, placing a signature next his tweets ("-BO"). According to a blog post published shortly after, this move will allow President Obama to interact with voters directly:

We’ll be asking for your feedback and ideas, updating you on ways to get involved, sharing the best stories that cross our desks, and maybe even retweeting you every now and again.

The change will also be applied to the President’s Facebook page, which was mainly only used as a PR tool, but will now be used to connect more closely with voters.

Obama ran the most online-centered campaign back in 2008, which many believed helped connect with younger voters. With an election looming at the distance, the President is pushing the envelope further in order to keep voters engaged. If 2008 proved anything, it’s that young voters need a campaign that engages them and that makes them feel like more than just numbers.

Obama’s approval rating, which were significantly high when he was sworn in, now stand at slightly below 50%, mainly due to the slow economy, which will likely decide the fate of his Presidency in little over a year. With his opponents gearing up for a big fight, the least the President can do is keep in close touch with the people who voted for him.

You can follow the President on Twitter @BarackObama and and check out his Facebook Page.

(via Obama 2012 Blog)

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