Panoramic Screen For Android Turns Any 2D Image Into A 3D Panoramic Live Wallpaper

Wallpapers and themes are a great expression of your tastes, preferences and overall personality, be it on whatever platform that you apply them to. From desktop computers to feature phones to Androids and iPhones, background images have said more than perhaps any other thing that might be counted as a personalization feature on your device. I personally feel they add a certain touch to my phone that nothing else can provide, and for that reason, I am really choosy about what image ordains the screen of my Sony Xperia S.

If you’re anything like me when it comes to deciding upon a wallpaper for your smartphone or tablet, you’d already know how difficult it is to find just the right image, because even if you manage to locate the right one, there would always be ‘something missing’ that you’d wish you could’ve added yourself. With Android’s Live Wallpapers, any device sporting Éclair or above, can make a fashion statement in the form of an alive, interactive wallpaper that other platforms could only envy. If you happen to be a fan of this genre of backgrounds, you’d find Panoramic Screen definitely worth a look.

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On the face of it, this app is basically just a live wallpaper. Well, the Play Store is riddled with such apps, so what’s special about this one? Panoramic Screen will basically let you create a virtually 3D wallpaper out of any 2D image, adding a virtual panoramic field that you can later on apply as a live wallpaper through Android’s native wallpaper picker for easy effect. The app allows you to pick any image from your device’s internal memory or SD card to be used for panoramic wallpaper, and achieves so using field of view angle, dynamic distortion volume and frequency, utilizing the accelerometer and gyroscope of the device itself for tilting views, and a few other handy options for a remarkable effect.

2013-02-17 22.42.42

Other than supporting images from the device itself, Panoramic Screen also comes with a decent image collection of its own, and should appeal to you if you are a nature enthusiast. Speaking of nature, it’s worth a mention that the “3D” wallpapers created via this app work best for abstract and natural images, and may not produce ideal results for other genres, especially people images.

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All in all, the idea of Panoramic Screen holds potential, and the app itself is well crafted and looks polished. Since it’s available at the Play Store for free, you may want to give it a try just to see if there’s something that you like. The live wallpaper works with devices running Android 2.1 and above.

(Source: Panoramic Screen for Android at Play Store)

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