Pangu For iOS 8.1 Is Stable Enough, Update And Jailbreak Now Before It Is Too Late

Apple rolled out iOS 8.1.1 beta a couple of days back, and along with the usual assortment of bug fixes and minor tweaks, the main alteration, at least as far as the jailbreak community is concerned, is the fact that it plugs exploits that have permitted Pangu8 to work its magic. Thus, when iOS 8.1.1 is deemed ready for prime time and Apple stops signing iOS 8.1, you will only then be able to update to iOS 8.1.1, which will in turn mean losing any immediate opportunity to jailbreak.

Sure, if you’re on iOS 8.0 or any other current flavor of Apple’s latest software, you’ll still be able to jailbreak by means of Pangu, but with iOS 8.1 being quite a heavy update so early on in the new OS’s life cycle, it makes sense to be running it as opposed to an earlier version.


We never know precisely when beta software is going to release as far as Apple is concerned, and thus, the advice from the Pangu team is that anybody planning on jailbreaking in the near future should now be making the necessary preparations, before it’s too late. This means updating to iOS 8.1, and although this can be done over-the-air as I’m sure many of you are aware, it is essential that you run a restore through iTunes instead. And if you do plan on updating right away, then simply follow our guide:

As per Pangu team on Twitter:

Apple will release iOS 8.1.1 soon, Update to 8.1 now, while its still being signed. The update will patch the jailbreak!!

Pangu patch

And those who are reluctant to jailbreak, believing that it’s not stable enough, then there’s good news for you too. According to Saurik on Twitter:

Saurik tweet

There you have it, if you were holding back from jalbreaking thinking that the party wasn’t stable enough, then there’s no better green light than that given by Saurik himself.

Those behind the past few jailbreaks have continually advised users to restore in iTunes rather than applying an OTA, which can throw up issues of its own during the jailbreak process, so if you are updating to iOS 8.1 for the purpose of using Pangu, then be sure to connect your device to your computer and take the old-fashioned route.

Once you’ve installed iOS 8.1 and everything is running smoothly, there’s actually no real urgency from there on in. Provided you don’t update at any point, you’ll be able to jailbreak with Pangu8 at any moment between now and the end of time, but if you do wish to install Cydia and unlock the cauldron of tweaks, themes and apps therein, we’ve got the step-by-step tutorials outlined below.

For tutorials on how to jailbreak and install Cydia:

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