Palm Pre Style Multitasking on Jailbroken iPhone

Multifl0w is an iPhone app which allows switching between applications running in background in a beautiful Palm Pre style cover flow-like mode. It will basically act as a graphical extension to the already popular app from Cydia called Backgrounder to present all opened apps in a tabbed view, similar to the view seen on Mobile Safari. The combination of Multifl0w and Backgrounder will be a treat to have for power users who wants to run multiple apps at the same time on the iPhone. For better comprehension, you may have a look at the screenshot attached below.

Multifl0w - An iPhone Multitasking Interface

This app will be compatible with jailbroken iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS only. One reason for not allowing multitasking on the jailbroken iPhone 2G could be its memory constraint. The present generation iPhone’s (3G and 3GS) with larger RAM, are capable of multitasking and running more apps in the background as compared to 2G.

The video attached below shows Multifl0w in action on iPhone 3G with 14 apps running in the background. Double tapping on home button starts Multifl0w which shows all running apps in a tabbed view.

Multifl0w will be available in the next few days for jailbroken iPhone’s on Cydia via BigBoss repository. Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated as soon it is available for download.

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UPDATE 1: Multifl0w app is now available for download. Click here for more details.

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