Turn Your Jailbroken iPhone into Palm OS Device

Missing an app which you used to run on your Palm OS device? Try this Palm Emulator now and run legacy Palm OS apps on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. With this app named SyleTap, your iPhone becomes a virtual Palm device.

Palm OS on iPhone

StyleTap allows users to run Palm OS apps on their iPhone or iPod touch. StyleTap has been available for quite some time now on the Symbian and Windows Mobile platform. It’s arrival on the iPhone is rather late, but it’s really strange that people still demand Palm OS these days, but it’s true.

Palm OS on iPhone (1)

Apple is really strict against using emulators on their products therefore it’s been made available through Cydia for now on http://cydia.styletap.com, but it carries a hefty price tag of $50! but before you make that investment you can download the trial version and test drive the app for 14 days.

StyleTap features copy and pasting text and images between native iPhone apps and the emulated Palm OS apps, a virtual memory card since the iPhone and iPod touch both have fixed memory options, backward compatibility of apps and virtual onscreen function keys.

The hardware capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch enable far better performance of these apps than could the actual Palm OS devices. Give StyleTap a run and tell us what you think about it.

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