Original Grand Theft Auto 1 Game To Receive A 3D Makeover [Photo]

It’s safe to say that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most loved in the gaming industry. The game that kicked it all off, simply titled Grand Theft Auto, was originally released with just two dimensions back in 1997. Now, sixteen years later, it seems one of the game’s developers has had a bad case of the nostalgias. In fact, Michael Dailly is feeling so nostalgic about the game that started it all that he’s set about giving it a facelift by making the original Grand Theft Auto in 3D, just like its brethren.

Well, not entirely like them. This is a sixteen year old game after all, and it seems the Dailly’s time thus far has been spent making flat walls into 3D ones, something that we’re sure you’ll agree is rather important when turning a flat, 2D gaming world into a living, breathing 3D one.

GTA 1 Box


GTA 1, Liberty City (1997)

Dailly isn’t saying what the end game is here, so we’re at a loss as to what his intentions are once the transformation is complete. It’s possible he will simply turn it over to the community to do with it what they may, or it could instead be used as some sort of paid-for DLC for the current incumbent, GTA 5. Whatever eventually becomes of this Grand Theft Auto re-skin, we have to admit that it’s tugging on just the right heartstrings to make us all misty-eyed. We loved GTA back in the day, and as monumentally successful as the franchise has become, there will always be a special place in our hearts for the original.


GTA 1, Liberty City – 3D Makeover

We’re excited to see where Dailly takes this thing, and if you’re as intrigued as we are then you might want to follow the man himself on Twitter in order to get all the latest updates and shots of the work as it happens. Good luck to him, we can’t wait to see the results.

(via: Kotaku)

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