Order Robot-Written Notes And Gifts Using Your iPhone With BOND Gifts For iOS [VIDEO]

In the world of the App Store, the chances are always fairly good that you’ll be able to find an app that fits almost any particular need. Take sending hand-written notes and gifts to friends and family, as an example.

It might not be the first thing that pops into your head when thinking about the App Store’s wares, but thanks to a new app called BOND Gifts, you can now sent gifts and wonderfully hand-written notes to those you care about without having to either do the shopping yourself, or even attempt to make the note legible.

BOND Gifts app

BOND app

It’s worth noting that while we keep saying ‘hand-written’ notes, the actually penmanship is taken care of by a robot rather than a real-life human being. The results are impressive regardless, and we know for for certain that it’s going to be considerably better than our scrawl even on its worst day. After all, who writes with a pen nowadays?

The BOND Gifts for iPhone app will let people send notes without gifts, but not gifts without notes which should go some way to showing how the app, and the company behind it, are trying to build an experience for the recipient rather than simply offer another way for people to send last-minute gifts to people. The actual opening experience is important to BOND, which is why everything is delivered in a luxurious box.


There’s no doubt that at $300 million annually, the global gifting market is a lucrative one for any company that can carve its own niche. Offering in-app shopping and the added benefit of a nice card to go along with the gifts is a good start for BOND, and at $5 for the card-only option, it’s not exactly an expensive option. With Apple’s Cards app no-longer an option on iOS, BOND may just be launching at the right time.

The BOND Gifts for iPhone app is free to download, and is available from the App Store, or the link which we’ve embedded below.

(Download: BOND Gifts for iPhone on the App Store)

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