One-Third Of iPhones Used in China Are Jailbroken [Report]

Chinese statistics company UMeng recently published a report on iOS usage in the country, and the standout stat is that fully 34.6% of iPhones are jailbroken.


The report is expressed in the below infographic which is unfortunately in Chinese. Our Chinese being a little rusty, we’re grateful to TechNode for their translation with the highlights being:

  • Apple’s iPhone 4 accounts for 54% of iPhones, with the 3GS taking 2nd place with 16.1%.
  • 34.6% of iPhones are jailbroken.
  • Interestingly only 27% of iPads are jailbroken

The jailbreaking figures actually make sense. Jailbreaking iPhones to unlock them would be of interest to many, whereas the same unlocking requirements don’t translate to the iPad so much.

We also don’t know these figures for any other country for comparison, though we somehow doubt many other countries come close to the 34.6% figure.

(via TNW)

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