Free Internet-Based Game Recreates US Mission To Get Osama Bin Laden. Play It Now!

May 1st’s killing of Osama Bin Laden has spawned numerous memes, and the Abbottabad mission shows no sign of leaving the news any time soon. Now to get in on the action, independent game developer Kuma Games has put together a first-person shooter based on the mission to kill the terror chief.

The game takes place in Bin Laden’s Abbottabad to-secret compound and is based on Valve’s Source engine. Titled Osama 2011, the multiplayer-only game is the latest and is chapter 107 of the episodic shooter Kuma War II.

The aim of the game is simple – one team plays as the US Navy SEAL Team 6 that was used in the real life attack and they attempt to kill the head of Al Qaeda . The second team plays as Bin Laden’s security force, with their target being to simply stop the SEAL team from carrying out their mission.

The game was obviously put together in a matter of days so don’t expect a top-notch production, but if reenacting real-life military combat is your particular bag then it’s worth downloading.

Of course whether the whole idea goes a little too far, we’re not so sure. Is a week a bit soon to be putting something out like this?


(via: Neowin)

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