Nissan Brings Gran Turismo 6 Concept Car To Life! [Photos]

Imagine the joy and unlimited amount of fun that comes attached to working for a company with the resources to not only research, but to design and develop pretty much whatever it wants? Apple, Google and Microsoft, amongst others, find themselves in that privileged position within the consumer technology industry, but it appears that Nissan is also living that dream if the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed showcase is anything to go by. Rather than go through the usual processes of designing and building a concept vehicle, Nissan has used the Gran Turismo 6 video game to tease petrol-heads with a new downloadable GT-R prototype, and then built it in real life.

The Nissan 2020 GT-R is a Nissan concept vehicle that was designed and developed specifically with the Gran Turismo 6 game in mind. As a company, Nissan has a long-standing relationship with the Gran Turismo franchise so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this unusual method of introducing a vehicle has come to fruition. Rather than simply teasing motoring and gaming fans to the point of salivation with the vehicle, Nissan has actually made the jump from digital life to reality by unveiling the car at Thursday’s Goodwood’s Festival of Speed.

Nissan concept main

The 2020 GTR may currently carry the title of being a “prototype” or “concept” vehicle at the moment, but don’t let that get you down in the dumps. The 2+2 has been designed as an attempt to visualize what the Nissan GTR series could look like come the year 2020, meaning that lovers of speed and carbon-fiber could welcome this into their lives in the next few years. It’s likely that any actual production model of the vehicle would be toned down just a little when it hits showrooms across the world.




As part of the process the car was designed by Nissan Design in London with support and creative input being added by Nissan’s Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan.




If you happen to have a spare $101, 700 burning a hole in your pocket then you can actually buy the 2015 GTR model right now directly from Nissan USA. Alternatively, if you’re running a little low on funds, you can wait until next month and download the digital version of the vehicle in Gran Turismo 6. It’s not going to provide the adrenaline of the real thing, but a digital Nissan 2020 GTR is better than nothing, right?

(Source: GRRC)

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