Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Called ‘Xbox’ Only, To Be Accompanied By 7-inch ‘X-Surface’ Tablet [UPDATED]

Speculation regarding Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console is starting to gather serious pace, but it seems that not everything will pan out exactly as the majority of us have guessed. As part of their intentions to converge the brand and a wave of potential new products, Microsoft is planning on going back to the original roots of the console and calling it the plain and simple ‘Xbox’.

The original Xbox console landed on store shelves eleven years ago, with Microsoft introducing us to the Xbox 360 in 2005. Although the console has proven to be extremely popular during the last seven years, the time has ultimately come for both Sony and Microsoft to introduce something new and it seems that the Redmond based company is planning on using the new Xbox as a main focal hub for a number of other purported devices to connect to.

As part of their continued focus on gaming, new information is suggesting that Microsoft is planning on releasing a number of new devices that would be named with an ‘X’ theme. The first in the release of gaming devices is likely to be a purpose built tablet that will be christened the ‘X-Surface’ and will run on custom-built software that allows the tablet to connect to the games and media sections of any new Xbox that is introduced.

Intricate specifications of the purported tablet are yet to be found out, but sources familiar with the hardware have suggested that it could be built as a superior product over the Surface RT with the capability to run advanced gaming engines. The same sources have all but confirmed that the majority of the specification leaks that we have seen about the new Xbox console are all fairly accurate.

The information pretty much confirms our previous reports that Microsoft is planning on hanging onto their dominance in the console gaming space by upping their game to produce the best hardware possible. Microsoft has been extensively working with AMD for the processors and graphics hardware for the new Xbox, with new reports suggesting that each of the 8-cores of the CPU will be clocked at 1.9GHz rather than the previously reported 1.6.

Everything seems to be shaping up nicely for Microsoft to make a seriously large impact with this new console, but what stands out is the company’s plans to introduce a number of additional devices that will use the Xbox as a connection hub. We can’t wait until Microsoft officially showcase the hardware and give us some release dates.

Update X1: As it turned out, this report was a hoax.

(via PocketLint)

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