New Verizon iPad Works On AT&T’s 3G Network [VIDEO]

After many months of speculation, Apple finally confirmed last Wednesday that the new iPad would be the company’s first venture into the world of 4G LTE.

Having taken a back seat and allowed Android rivals to partake in the early adoption of the faster cellular connectivity, even though the rumors suggested so, many analysts remained skeptical as to whether Apple would finally take the plunge.


Despite not supporting FaceTime over 4G as some would have hoped, many consumers will have taken the opportunity to join the fast lane when making their iPad purchases today. Both Verizon and AT&T offer contracts for the device, and some consumers were questioning whether AT&T’s 3G network would function on a new Verizon iPad.

According to a forum poster over at MacRumors – seemingly corroborated by subsequent posters slipping an AT&T SIM into your Verizon iPad works fine, providing the AT&T APN carrier settings are adjusted accordingly. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take advantage of AT&T’s LTE network on the Verizon iPad, but for those of you already in possession of an AT&T SIM, this revelation provides a handy potential backup for instances where LTE isn’t a viable option.


Whilst I’ve taken the liberty of presuming many new and prospective iPad owners would opt for the 4G model, how many of you early-adopters have purchased the premium device? After all, unless you reside in the US, the likelihood is, your area simply doesn’t support 4G yet, rendering the extra hardware essentially useless.

The Wi-Fi model was most favored with the iPad 2, since many users didn’t want to have an additional data package – particularly seeing as most smartphones could tether out connections for makeshift hotspots. But with 4G LTE now in the frame, those previous statistics could soon tilt the other way.

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(source MacRumors)

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