New iPhone 3GS Ad “Commute”

The best thing about Apple’s advertising is that they stay true to what their products are capable of doing, portraying everything so nicely and in a pleasing way that makes you want their product right now. Check out this new iPhone 3GS ad “Commute”.

Apple iPhone 3GS Ad Commute

The ad in question has been nicely done by Apple, like always, they stick to their traditional method of keeping things simple and giving out a complete message. The main idea behind this ad is to tell people that the iPhone is a device capable of accessing your desktop remotely right from your phone, and also capable of handling data packets during voice calls and can’t forget to mention the fact that iPhone is an awesome video streaming device over a 3G network.

The apps mentioned in the ad above can be downloaded from iTunes by following the links here: Here, File File! ($9.99), MassTransit ($3.99), and WSJ – The Wall Street Journal (Free).

The biggest inventory of apps in its store gives Apple huge edge over all other major mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phones and Symbian. [via TUAW]

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