New Apple Watch Prototype Images Surface Showing It Camouflaged As An iPod Nano

It isn’t unusual for Apple to make its test and prototype devices look like something else so they aren’t spotted and identified in the wild. It’s done it with iPhones over the years, and now we’ve seen what is said to be an image of an Apple Watch that’s been disguised as an iPod nano.

The images show an Apple Watch in stainless steel hidden inside a silicone case that’s designed to look a little like an iPod nano.

It doesn’t look like any iPod nano we’ve ever seen, but it could definitely prevent anyone from thinking its a watch.

The watch itself has a serial number on the outside that’s been covered in the photos that have been shared.

According to the person sharing the images, the prototype was used for internal Apple testing before the first Apple Watch was made available in 2015. It even came in a cardboard box with “Apple Confidential” on it. There were multiple warnings of its like, too.

We’ve seen plenty of prototype Apple products appear in the wild years after they were used by Apple, including Apple Watches. Assuming this is legit, it’s always interesting to see the lengths the company goes to in order to prevent people from spotting what it’s working on. Although, as we all know, it doesn’t always pull it off.

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