Microsoft Shows Off Kinect and Windows Phone 7.5 Integration [VIDEO]

Microsoft has shown off the deep integration between Windows Phone 7.5 and its Xbox Kinect once more, this time at the recent HTC Radar launch in Hong Kong.


You may remember us telling you about the planned integration way back in February of this year, when Microsoft first touted the feature as one of the main improvements to come as part of the Windows Phone 7.5 update. That update is now rolling out, and the HTC Radar got a big push as part of its launch event.

That event saw the usual cringe-worthy display of a complete lack of co-ordination that is often reserved for Xbox Kinect demonstrations, with people unreservedly flailing their arms and legs around with little-to-no correlation to what is going on in the game. This time it was no different, except for the added benefit of someone doing it with their smartphone in their hand.

The video below shows a Windows Phone user apparently creating in-game waves by flapping their arms (and, obviously, their HTC Radar) around.

Of course, just how real games will take advantage of this remains to be seen, and it wouldn’t surprise us if this kind of Windows Phone and Kinect integration was something that we only saw in mini-games. Can we see ‘real’ games’ developers spending time to implement something that the vast majority of their customers won’t be able to take advantage of? No, no we can not.

If the Nokia partnership takes off as both parties will no doubt be hoping, Windows Phone could see its fortunes change dramatically over the next 12 months. The problem faced by Microsoft and its hardware partners however, is the fact that neither Apple nor Google are resting on their laurels, with iOS and Android both receiving significant updates in the coming weeks and months. Can Microsoft keep up with their rate of innovation?

We’ll find out soon enough, and here’s hoping for a strong showing from all three contenders moving forward. Remember, competition is good folks!

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