Microsoft Semblio brings content to life!

Microsoft has introduced a new educational platform which provides rich and interactive learning material for educators. Built upon the Microsoft .NET Framework, the Semblio platform will enable developers to reach new audiences and help create new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Using Microsoft Semblio, you can create rich, immersive multimedia learning material that’s highly interactive and fosters exploratory learning that teachers can customize, and that promotes collaboration. Because Semblio takes a platform approach to content creation—leveraging the flexibility of the Microsoft .NET Framework—it works across software, services, and learning management systems. This allows you to meet the demand for more customized solutions, while still providing you with control over how your material is adapted.

The Microsoft Semblio Software Development Kit (SDK) is built on Windows Presentation Foundation and provides a programming model and tools that facilitate the packaging and arrangement of .NET-based content such as:

  • Semblio content elements, from simple buttons to highly complex activities
  • Templates, wizards, and other supporting tools for use with the assembly tool
  • Complete interactive courses

Microsoft Semblio

Semblio sounds exciting to me. If used effectively, it can really ease the process of learning and will benefit students and teachers alike.

You can learn more about Semblio on its rich Silverlight-based website. There is even an interactive introductory demo which can help understand the Semblio platform.

Download Microsoft Semblio SDK