Make Apple Logo On iPhone 4S & iPhone 4 Glow With This Kit, Can Be Installed Under 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

Apple’s iPhone is a gorgeous piece of kit. All that glass and metal just oozes quality, just as it does with Apple’s line of MacBooks. Just look at a MacBook Air and tell us it isn’t a work of art.

There is one thing that Apple’s MacBook has that the iPhones do not though, and it is something that some of us have been crying out for ever since Apple announced the first iPhone back in 2007. See, MacBooks have that Apple logo on the back of the screen, just as the iPhones do, but with one crucial difference – the MacBooks have logos that light up when the screen is on, letting everyone around you know that it is indeed an Apple product.

Glowing Apple logo mod for iPhone

It may be a little self-indulgent, and some may even say snobbish, but we love it, and we want our iPhones to do the same.

Now one Chinese company has made it possible, and if you have this $42 kit and a steady hand you too could have an iPhone with a lighted Apple logo just like your MacBook.

The kit consists of a new rear panel for your iPhone which has a clear Apple logo, and a ‘light strip’ which is what, predictably enough, creates the light.

The company has put together a video showing off the installation procedure which, all in, takes around five minutes. Now, obviously anything like this is going to void your warranty, and if you’re going to give it a shot then you need to be well aware of that as well has having a deft touch with a screwdriver.

As the video and photographs show though, if you can install this kit yourself you will be rewarded with something truly impressive.

The light will come on when the iPhone’s screen is turned on, and will stay lit for a further 15 seconds after the screen has gone off. The manufacturer of the kit says that battery life is not affected by the ‘light strip’ though we haven’t had chance to test this claim out for ourselves.

If you’ve been wanting an iPhone with an Apple logo that lights up, then this may well be just the ticket!

You can grab your glowing Apple mod kit for your iPhone 4S by heading over to the KO Gadget store online.

Thanks Cy Chang for the hat tip!

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