Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Backlight Kit Lets You Elevate Entertainment For Immersive Viewing

Watching TV and playing games is all well and good but sometimes we just need to elevate things somewhat. And right now you can do that with this Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Blacklight Kit.

The Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Blacklight Kit would normally retail for around $265, but if you order yours right now you can save $66 and pay just $199. In fact, if you order soon and enter the discount code fantasy3 you’ll save an additional 5%, too.

Note that we don’t know how long that code will work for and there’s a chance the whole deal could end at any moment, so order your new lighting setup now to lock this special price in.


The Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Blacklight Kit supports high-performance gaming at 8K and 60Hz or 4K and 120Hz. It also features 72 LEDs per meter to create a brilliant lighting effect as you play. There are different lengths available for different sizes of TV< and the 4HDMI ports mean that you’ll be able to plug all of your devices in at once without having to swap cables around all the time.

With stellar reviews and a promise to turn your home into a light show based on whatever is being shown on TV, can you afford to miss out on this deal? Here are its features in detail:

An Evolution For Gaming

Neo 3 sync box features unmatched 8K compatibility. You can elevate your visual experience with Neo 3, the sync box that effortlessly manages high-resolution and high-refresh-rate pairings (8K @ 60 Hz and 4K @ 120 Hz). Dive into a realm of immersive visuals while indulging in high-performance gaming at 4K @ 120 Hz!

Next Generation TV Backlight Strip With More LEDs

Showcasing an impressive count of 72 LEDs per meter, setting a new industry standard for TV backlight strips. This achievement translates to enhanced brilliance and superior lighting quality.

Sync The Accurate & Smart Way

This strip skillfully captures screen colors and employs our advanced lighting algorithm to meticulously fine-tune each hue. By dissecting and selecting the optimal shades, we reconstruct a fresh amalgamation of colors that faithfully mirror the on-screen content, ensuring precise color synchronization with every scene on your TV.

Colors Completely Remastered

Crafted by skilled engineers, the TV Backlight Strip undergoes a meticulous process of color element design, structural refinement, and careful curation. This results in a finely tuned color combination that delivers seamless gradients and harmonious hues, creating a balanced and captivating display across the full spectrum of colors.

One Box. Many Possibilities.

Unveiling the upgraded Neo 3 Sync Box, now equipped with an impressive four HDMI input ports, a notable enhancement from its predecessor’s solitary input. This enhancement empowers you to effortlessly connect and synchronize your preferred HDMI media devices—be it Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox, or PlayStation—simultaneously, opening doors to a seamless and dynamic multimedia experience.

Redesigned For More Brightness

A transformation in design, the Lytmi TV Backlight Strip has been innovatively reengineered to radiate a heightened luminosity, amplifying the vibrancy of colors that now leap forth from your TV screen.

Accurate Real Time Lighting

Employing the state-of-the-art lighting algorithm, it minimizes real-time transition delays between the TV Backlight and the screen. This ensures a seamless synchronization that persists even during high-speed, action-packed scenes, keeping your viewing experience impeccably in tune.

Color Blends With Accuracy

The TV Backlight Strip masterfully captures the nuances of screen colors, seamlessly fusing them for an array of enriched color blends. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of 64-94 colors, heightening the depths of your visual experience. Revel in exceptional color fidelity, ensuring a remarkable display performance that truly stands out.

Get Full Lytmi Experience

Combine the Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Backlight Kit with both the Lytmi LED Light Strip and Lytmi LED Light Bars to unlock the complete potential of interactive illumination. Elevate your home theater experience to an unparalleled realm of awesomeness.

Full Corners Mapping Capacity

Experience flawless color accuracy with the Lytmi TV Backlight Strip, ensuring a harmonious blend of colors that envelops every corner of your screen. Bid farewell to any dull zones, as all four corners of your TV undergo precise color matching, culminating in a seamlessly synchronized visual feast.

Fullness of Color

Employing our exclusive color filter algorithm, a fusion of the primary red, green, and blue elements is meticulously refined to yield superior and untainted shades of color. The result is a TV Backlight Strip that exclusively showcases brighter and more pristine hues.


As mentioned earlier, you can get Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Backlight Kit for $199 for limited time by using special discount code fantasy3 at check out.

Buy: Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Blacklight Kit: $199 | Original price $265


In conclusion, the Lytmi Fantasy 3 TV Backlight Kit stands as an impressive addition to modern entertainment setups. Its dynamic color options and intelligent sync capabilities transform the viewing experience, elevating immersion and ambiance. This product not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to reduced eye strain during extended screen time. Installation is user-friendly, catering to a wide range of users. With its versatility and innovation, the Lytmi Fantasy 3 backlight kit offers an affordable solution to amplify the aesthetics and comfort of any home theater arrangement. For those seeking to redefine their visual encounters, this backlight kit emerges as a commendable choice.

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