Libertas iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Detection Bypass App Released In Beta

There are few things worse in the jailbreak world than a tweak or package being teased and then never making it into the public domain. Indian developer Umang Raghuvanshihad recently teased a jailbreak detection bypass tweak, and now, thankfully, he has also released a beta version of the package that he is calling Libertas.

The purpose of Libertas is to allow owners of jailbroken devices to continue using their favorite apps as normal without being prevented from accessing servers due to the fact that the app has detected that the device is jailbroken.

Interestingly, each developer will detect the presence of a jailbroken device in its own unique way depending on how they see fit to do so. This means that Libertas simply cannot function as a “catch-all” installation and actually needs to be programmed and updated when new jailbreak detection methods in individual apps are discovered.

With this beta release, Raghuvanshihad is suggesting that Libertas includes the ability to evade detection in place with nine different techniques, which, in turn, should see it successfully work with over 90 different popular apps on the iOS App Store which have jailbreak detection built-in.

These apps are typically developed to detect the presence of Electra on the device which would invariably mean that there is a jailbreak in place. We place emphasis on the word should above simply because the initial feedback from users isn’t particularly overwhelmingly positive.

Many users are talking to Reddit to confirm that the Libertas tweak doesn’t actually work for them and that the jailbreak is still being detected and access to the game or app is being denied. What we don’t actually know is if the detection is using a technique that isn’t currently supported by Libertas, and therefore wouldn’t be expected to work, or if this is a failure on the part of the tweak and that it needs more work.

What is certain is that the developer will definitely take the feedback on board and work to try and rectify the issues if they do lie within the boundaries of what Libertas can actually handle. And, if the issue is simply that Libertas has not been given the power to deal with these particular detection techniques, then we are sure that it will soon have that ability.

To get started you can download the Libertas DEB file from here.

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