LG Pokes Fun At iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Using… Twitter For iPhone [Screenshot]

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are barely out, and akin to the famous Antennagate that plagued the iPhone 4 when it was revealed, these two have sprouted a new debate over the “Bendgate” fiasco as it is being called. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, Bendgate essentially refers to the iPhone 6 Plus getting bent under pressure, or, in some cases, just by being kept in the pocket for extended periods of time.

The Bendgate issue is serious, to say the least, and speaks volumes about the quality of these new flagships from the Cupertino company. Since the hype around this has reached fever pitch already, a lot of Apple’s rivals are jumping onto the mocking bandwagon to promote their devices in the wake of the bendy iPhone 6 Plus. HTC took a stab at Apple; Samsung tried their luck, and today, LG caught the opportunity to praise its G Flex smartphone – the first (and only) naturally curved Android device. The problem, however, is that LG France, which actually tweeted the original picture taking the stab at the Cupertino company, did so using an iPhone.


That’s right; LG made fun of Apple over Twitter using the Twitter for iPhone app!

Honestly, we’re not objecting at LG taking this opportunity for promoting its own devices; that’s all what marketing is about. However, using the very device (or at least a sibling of it) that you’re ridiculing to get your message out, is not just ironic, but outright stupid. I mean, what are they conveying, that we at LG use Apple devices because they’re better? Or perhaps LG needs to perform an intelligence check for all the people working in its social media department. It seems LG France could use some people with a higher level of common sense; it’s not that hard to tweet using even Twitter for Web.


My satire apart, I wouldn’t draw too much from this little incident. It’s true that over smartness can cost you big at times, but even if someone at LG is using an iPhone, it’s a matter of their personal choice. I can work for one company and favor products from another, and that’s completely fine for folks over at LG as well. Just don’t use the official LG France account on an iPhone, though.

(Source: LG France [Twitter])

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