Is Push Notification working properly on your Jailbroken iPhone?

PoweryBase has reported that their statistics after first seven sales days of NotifyMe shows that 5 percent of users were using jailbroken iPhone’s. 5 percent of these users generate more than 80 percent of customer support requests daily. The complain being the malfunction of the app. NotifyMe is a personal reminder based on the Push Notifications technology available only on the iPhone OS 3.0. It lets you create personal reminders, notifications and alerts with easy snoozing when needed.

Despite their efforts, PoweryBase  been unsuccessful in helping users with the issue. Further investigation revealed that Apple may be blocking Push Notification Service. This is to fight users who break carrier monthly plan agreements and unofficially unlocking these subsidized devices to work with other carriers which Apple is not partnered with.

Pavel Serbajlo, PoweryBase’s lead developer said:

When the Push based application such as NotifyMe requests an ID from APNS, the server responds within a second and identifies the device with the unique token. From that point, the connection between APNS and user’s device is successfully established.However, on a unofficially activated device, APNS keeps the application wait forever and does not provide any respond at all, keeping user wait infinitely or time out the connection, if the target application is capable of timing out.

PowerBase does not recommend iTunes App Store users with jailbroken devices to buy NotifyMe and other Push based applications until the behavior of APNS is modified.

How many of you have followed the guide and got Push Notification System working properly on jailbroken iPhone? Are there any issues that you are getting? and have you found any ways around them? They are working fine for me here except for the few notifications which I get in IM+ from the contacts I dont know. What about you?