Download Push capable Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

According to Apple, Multitasking or running apps in the background causes security problems and it negatively impacts battery life so they introduced Push Notification System. A System which enable apps to notify users even when they are not running. For example, A chat application can now display the latest response from a conversation even when its not running. Here’s our top pick for the apps that can “Push” notifications:

Tap Tap Revenge 2.6

Tap Tap Revenge is the most popular game on the App Store. Lots of new features, tons of themes, points and battles, an all new catalog of more than 150 free tracks and three awesome ways to play with your friends. The latest version 2.6 will be able to send you notification when a friend send you a message for a direct battle even when the App is not running.

Download Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 from iTunes


BeejiveIM keeps you in touch with your instant messaging buddies from popular IM services like Windows Live, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace and ICQ. The latest version is capable of “Push”’ing chatting notification from a conversation even when the app is not running. This will finally make instant messaging a true fun on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download BeejiveIM from iTunes

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores & news from over 500 sports leagues in the world. The latest version is now capable of giving key game updates even when the app isn’t running.This app is truly a must have for all the sports freaks out there!

Download ESPN ScoreCenter

AP Mobile

AP Mobile news helps you keep up-to-date with what’s happening anywhere, in your town or across the world. The latest version will now be able to alert you with the latest breaking news even when the app is not running.

Download AP Mobile


WeatherAlert is a simple weather notification application that will display alerts for your area whenever there is a chance of rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods etc. The latest version will “Push” the alert message to you without you having to run the application.

Download WeatherAlert


I would really like to see apps like Skype, Facebook, Tweetie(or any other twitter client) and any RSS Reader to get Push Notification System. Imagine the possibilities when Skype will be able to notify you of incoming call when it is not running? Free iPhone-iPhone calling over the WiFi anyone?