iPhone 6s Is A Bigger Hardware Upgrade Than Most 2015 Android Flagships, Here’s The Proof

Ever wondered why we can’t just have a smartphone release without someone on the Internet getting their underwear in a twist about it? Given the way far too many people seem to treat smartphones as some sort of technological religion, we really shouldn’t be surprised. Yet we are, year after year, and the very recently announced iPhone 6s serves as a prime example.

As soon as it was announced by Apple, an alarming number of ‘fanboys’ – that’s the nicest term we can think of – decided that they simply, absolutely must tell the Internet how awful it is; having never used it of course.


The current favorite yard stick by which the iPhone 6s’ capabilities are being measured is how much of an upgrade it is when compared to last year’s model, the iPhone 6. As can be witnessed by browsing the comments on just about any iPhone 6s hands-on review on the web, those who just can’t stand that someone might not want the same smartphone as them are out in force, deriding the lack of upgrades in this year’s iPhone, which is a kind of madness, given the number of upgrades it has received. In fact, it’s so ridiculous that we should probably make a table showing just how improved the iPhone 6s is over the iPhone 6.

Or we could just point you to someone who already did all the hard work; like Jack March.

March set about comparing the iPhone 6s to other flagship devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Motorola. The table shows whether each flagship was an upgrade, or indeed a downgrade, when compared to the device it replaced. So as an example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 gained a point for having a better screen resolution than the Galaxy S5. All nice and simple, we’re sure you’ll agree. When each handset has been compared to the flagship phone they replaced, a total score is awarded – upgrades minus downgrades equals final score.


Still with us? Good.

As it turns out, the iPhone actually beats out six of the seven handsets it is compared to, with the Motorola Moto X Style actually scoring a tie.

At this point it’s fairly safe to say that the iPhone 6s does actually feature more upgrades than the Android phones that web commenters point to as some sort of bastion of upgrade value for money, even with things like the new second generation Touch ID being missed off the list!

We fully expect that someone, somewhere, will take umbrage with the chart and the whole idea in general, but the next time someone toting an Android phone tells you that your new iPhone 6s is the same as the iPhone 6 it just replaced, you can safely tell them they have a wrong account of things; especially if they’re carrying a Galaxy S6, which came last in March’s little table.

(Source: Jack March | Via: Reddit)

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