iPhone 6 SE Mod Kit Lets You Convert iPhone SE Into 4-Inch iPhone 6

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone SE at last month’s “Let us loop you in” event managed to instantly divide opinion. Smartphone fans looking for a 4-inch device that had the look and feel of Apple’s iPhone 5s, but tinged with the modern components of the iPhone 6s, were definitely impressed with the unveiling of the new 4-inch phone. However, there are some corners who simply feel a throwback to the older aesthetic of the iPhone 5s a step in the wrong direction from a design perspective. If you fall into that category, then you may want to take note of this Frankenstein ‘iPhone 6 SE’.

If something seems and feels broken, chances are that some ingenious individual will become disenfranchised and will do something about it. In this particular instance, we get the chance to check out the creation of what is essentially a Frankenstein iPhone which sees the iPhone SE internals crammed into a custom-built modern 4-inch chassis that packs the aesthetics of an iPhone 6/6s. The end result being a device that has the power and functionality of Apple’s highly performant iPhone SE, but the looks and visual stylings of the gorgeous iPhone 6/6s.


Let’s get one thing clear from the start; this isn’t a simple case of purchasing an ‘iPhone 6 SE’ case and casually transferring the internals of Apple’s official iPhone SE across into the new shell. There’s a ton of intricate and very delicate engineering work that goes into ensuring that all the components are moved correctly and put into place in the most precise manner.

The actual process itself is quite a delicate one, involving the use of specific tools and a set of instructions that must be followed to the book:

In order to swap the iPhone’s housing you should know exactly what you’re doing. Each ever so tiny screw, all the wires and covers must be moved into their new home. While the extraction of the logic board is rather simple, the flat cables under the board are harder to remove: pull to strongly and a conductor path might be severed in the process. Obey the supreme rule: do it step-by-step, slowly and remember where all the parts go. Even our most experienced engineer needed more than two hours for the entire transformation.


The conclusion here appears to be that if you’re looking for an iPhone SE that looks and feels like an iPhone 6/6s, then you should probably exercise some patience and wait for Apple to introduce a product that fits that criteria. As awesome as this little Frankenstein project is, messing around with a brand new device like the iPhone SE will instantly void warranty and has the potential to introduce some serious complications. Still, it’s amazing to see what can be achieved with a vision and some engineering expertise.

For further details and information on where to purchase the iPhone 6 SE chassis from, watch the video embedded below.

(Source: Computer Bild)

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