Introducing the iPhone 5 ! [Concept]

As it stands today, our smartphones do just about everything we would want from a computer. They browse the internetz, take stunning images, send/receive emails, show us high-def videos, give us turn-by-frickin-turn voice-guided visual directions, check today’s special sex position (cause there’s an app for that!) and tons more shit that, if I start recalling, would take an eternity or two or document.

Now that the dust has settled around the iPhone 4, arguably the most hotly discussed and talked about smartphone in smartphone-history, it is time to ponder over the iPhone 5. Will it shoot lasers? Will it be able to bend the space-time continuum? Will it finally cure cancer? Good questions, those.

iPhone 5(image: HandyFlash via TheNextWeb)

Realistically speaking, the iPhone 5 should have iOS 5 / 6 pre-installed on it which will have better notifications and widgets. But let’s step aside from reality for a bit…

So I sat down on my toilet seat (cause that’s where I think best) and pondered over what the truly next-generation of smartphones will do. And all that I had in mind was, well, this image:

media_http1bpblogspot_AriDd.jpg.scaled1000(image: BizzaroComic via Holy Kaw)

My mind couldn’t go further than a faster processor, thinner body, bigger display, better camera, louder speakers and Super Multi-Touch (you know, just when two fingers aren’t enough). Confused smile

What truly new features – other than just evolutionary step-ups – can we get? The last smartphone revolution was in 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone to a thoroughly enthusiastic audience. When will the next revolution be?

I guess that’s really up to Steve Jobs and his minions at One Infinite Loop to figure out.

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