iPhone 5 And iOS 6 User Guide Now Available To Download Via Apple

Whenever we get a new electronic device – particularly one as exciting as the iPhone 5 – our better judgment tells us always to at least heed some of the instructions, but rarely – in fact, hardly ever – does anybody look through any of the literature accompanying their purchase. Although we’ll happily part with hundreds (or even thousands) of our hard-earned dollars in exchange for the gizmo, will we take an hour or two to read about important features, tips, and safe usage methods? No way! After all, we all know how to use an iPhone, right?

Such is the ignorance of many so-called techies (myself most certainly included), that many of us miss some of the intuitive little features and quirks of an OS or device for months and months. In fact, I’d be willing to stake big that many iOS 5 users happily trotted along without knowing about the tap + hold for song description, or swipe to delete individual songs within the Music app, and so on.

Apple may be, in part, responsible for the lack of reading carried out by users, for when one purchases a new iPhone, inside the box there’s only a simple pamphlet entitled ‘Fingertips,’ which offers a short run-through of the very basic features to get you up and running. In order to learn about your device inside out, though, you have to go digging, and often, the user guide is available to view online for those interested.

That same tactic has been deployed here, and if you want to gather a more in-depth insight toward your iPhone 5 and / or iOS 6, then you’ll be pleased to know Apple has published the user guide over on its official site, and you can view it right here.

iPhone 5 overview

I would advise most – even those having used iOS and iPhone since it was known as iPhone OS and the year 2007 – to check out the full-on guide. Even if you feel like you’re a seasoned veteran at using the iPhone, you owe it to yourself – after an expensive purchase to ensure you get the very most out of it.

You never know, you might come across one or two new features you otherwise would have missed!

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