iPhone 5 Already Up For Reservation On Deutsche Telekom

Despite the fact that it has yet to be announced, German Telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom (the parent company of T-Mobile), has begun taking pre-orders of Apple’s much-anticipated device.

Tmobile iPhone

Unsurprisingly, the company has no clue of the release date, hardware specifications or even the name of the device. Nonetheless, customers can make a reservation and will receive a coupon which can be used to redeem Apple’s fifth smartphone offering once it finally rears its head.

The move, announced by a Deutsche Telkom spokesperson, is not, as you would probably expect, an online promo. Instead, those looking to get first dibs on the device will have to take the old-fashioned route and collect their ticket in-store. It is first-come, first-serve and is strictly one reservation per customer.

Much like in the United States, the iPhone in Germany has only recently been distributed amongst a few of the major networks. T-Mobile had AT&T-like exclusivity over the device until last October, when Vodafone and O2 began retailing the iPhone 4.

While nobody except Apple can credibly claim the iPhone’s credentials, we have gathered significant information from which we can make relatively accurate presumptions.

In terms of smartphone screens – as long as ppi is maintained – the bigger the better, and most if not all information and leaks have suggested that the screen will command a size increase. The home button may also be subject to a little augmentation, with touch-gestures also possibly being implemented which would give the face of the device a slick and sophisticated feel.

In terms of the design, we expect, what with the iPhone 5 cases already being sold in droves, that the fruit company will incorporate many of the cosmetic traits of the iPad 2; so a curved back and an even thinner design. Comparisons between the aforementioned cases and the iPhone 4 have suggested that the device could be cut down to as little as 6mm in depth, putting it in the iPod touch thinness league.

In addition, the leaks of the N94 prototype, which recently gained an FCC I.D. all but confirms that a second device apart from the iPhone 5 will be joining the party. Built in the image of the iPhone 4, it will be a more entry-level device which will compromise a little on features in order to keep the price competitive with other smartphones on the market.

We expect Apple to announce the device(s) some time this month, and we will cover the story inside out as it breaks – so stay tuned!

(Source Bloomberg)

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