The Inevitable Comparison: iPhone 4 vs Samsung Omnia 7 (Windows Phone 7) – Introduction

Those of you who have been following us on Twitter and / or Facebook may already know that I recently got my hands on Samsung Omnia 7 which is powered by Microsoft Windows Phone 7. After spending 24 hours with it, I am absolutely in love with the fact how different it is than both iOS and Android. While the version 1.0 of Windows Phone 7 has its shares of annoyances like: no multitasking, no copy-paste, and the inability to manually assign IP addresses etc, but the new and different experience totally out numbered all the lows (which will be fixed with an OTA update anyway) for me.

I have been using iPhone 4 as my primary device since its launch back in June. Both iPhone 4 and Omnia 7 are incredibly sophisticated and powerful smartphones, and so the comparison between the two is inevitable. We will be covering both the smartphones side by side in a series of upcoming articles. If you want us to cover something in specific, do let us know. In the meantime, check out some of the picture that I took earlier of Omnia 7 and iPhone 4.

Lockscreen: iPhone 4 (Left), Omnia 7 (Right)Lockscreen: iPhone 4 (Left), Omnia 7 (Right)

Homescreen: Omnia 7Homescreen: Omnia 7

Homescreen: iPhone 4 (Left), Omnia 7 (Right)Homescreen: iPhone 4 (Left), Omnia 7 (Right)

The Xbox Phone !The Xbox Phone !

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