iPad mini Has Already Been Installed In A Car Dashboard [VIDEO]

In line with the Steve Jobs vision, many of us hold our smartphones and tablets in the same regard as our cars, and as some of us have specially adapted our automobiles for compatibility with our iPhones, some companies have already been installing the iPad mini into the dashboards of cars.

Tampa, FL-based company Soundwaves has installed the Cupertino company’s new tablet into a brand-new Toyota, and like any considerate techie, they decided to go ahead and film it, too.

Of course, since the cellular variety of the smaller Apple tablet is not yet available, any online connection (almost essential when using a tablet) would have to be achieved through some description of Mi-Fi hotspot. Still, it looks pretty cool, and I know I’m not the only one who’d love an iPad mini as a replacement dashboard in my car.

iPad mini Car

With, or even without a remote control, access to music would be very easy, and there are so many apps out there which would benefit from the iPad mini’s larger display when compared with, say, the iPhone. Some, admittedly very few, have rigged their 9.7-inch iPads to work as a dashboard replacement, but it’s simply too large, and an iPad mini seems a lot more apt to fit in the majority of cars.

If, for example, you use your smartphone as a satellite navigation system, you may find it to be a little difficult to concentrate on when driving, but with an iPad mini-sized display, things would be a great deal easier. Of course, there are already many dashboard displays out there of similar size to the smaller iPad, but aside from the stock software you get, it’s almost impossible to add apps as you please. With an iPad mini, you would have several hundred thousand (and counting), and aside from music and mapping, there are numerous applications of benefit to those frequently on the road.

All in all, we think this is pretty cool. Without 3 / 4G, it’s not utilized to it’s maximum potential, but in a showy-offy, "Pimp My Ride" sense, it’s a nice little touch, and if you do happen to get an iPad mini installed in you car, you’ll certainly be the envy of your friends.

(source: 9to5Mac | via: Facebook)

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