iPad Has The Highest Satisfaction Score With Consumers, Kindle Fire Most Popular With The Females

It may surprise some people to learn that the tablet has been around for quite some time, and although it was popularized across the world in 2010 when Apple launched the original iPad, it is worth remembering that this particular genre of consumer technology was merely brought to the world’s attention by Apple, not invented. With that said, we can pretty much thank the iPad and similar devices for giving us the tablet boom which we are currently experiencing, and as the market matures, things are only likely to get better in this space.

Whenever we hear people talk about tablets or slate type devices, their attention is invariably paid to one of only a handful of devices, but we shouldn’t forget that the market is actually saturated with tablets from different manufacturers with varying specifications and built on different operating systems such as iOS, Android and the new Windows 8. Thanks to ComScore, a company who prides themselves on measuring the digital world, we can now get a fairly decent insight into just how people are using their tablets and what trends are beginning to build up in this emerging market.

In order to get a decent view of what is going on the space, ComCore has polled 6,000 owners of tablet devices to see just how they use them and what their opinions are of their chosen gadgets. The poll has found that Apple’s fantastic 9.7-inch iPad is more popular amongst men than women with our female counterparts preferring to pick up a Kindle Fire to handle all of their tablet-based needs. When it comes to the Amazon Kindle Fire, ComScore has found out that the female owner base is hovering around the 56.6% mark.

Due to the insane worldwide popularity of the iPad we could have hazarded an educated guess that Apple’s premium tablet would be on top of the charts when it comes to user satisfaction, with users expressing content with the fact that the device has a large number of additional apps available for it as well as offering great value against the retail cost. It would be easy to say the that although the iPad was voted as the tablet that keeps the users happy, but it is worth pointing out that the ComScore poll found out that all major tablets that were mentioned all had an above average satisfaction return.

As well as covering the types of tablets the users are opting to buy, and the reasons behind the purchase, ComScore also took an in-depth look into the age range of the average tablet user, their annual household income and the main reason for purchasing the gadget. Although only involving 6,000 people, the poll gives a great insight into this exciting emerging market and shows that the future of tablets is extremely bright.


(via TechCrunch)

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