Chinese iPad Clone that Costs $290, Set to Hit Shelves on April 3rd

The Chinese have done it yet again! They’ve managed to counterfeit another Apple product, this time the yet to be released iPad. We’ve seen Chinese iPhones in the past, so I’m not surprised by these Chinese iPad clones. Keep your eyes wide open when you are buying one of these.

iPad Clone

The manufacturer of these counterfeit iPads, Shenzhen Huayi originate from Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China. They have priced their iPad for $290, that’s half the price of the original iPad! The release date of the counterfeit iPad is the same as the original iPad, i.e. 3rd April.

The president of Shenzhen Huayi said that their iPad looks like a giant iPhone and their profit margin is extremely low per product (just 10 yuan, $1.5). Selling these counterfeit products is a life and death situation for Shenzhen Huayi, their bread and butter relies on it.

There are 400 electronics counterfeiting companies in Shenzhen City alone and they believe that their iPad’s OS cannot be compared to the original iPad’s, but since it’s a very geeky and a low priced product, eventually people will opt for it.

We, at Redmond Pie strongly discourage buying counterfeit products as it hinders the end-user experience in a bad way. Nothing can be compared to the original thing, it provides proper functionality and the experience which one would expect. Just spend those extra Dollars on an original Apple iPad instead, it’s worth the investment. [via Korea IT Times and Twitter]

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