iOS 9 vs Android M: Visual Comparison [Screenshots]

Now that both iOS 9 Beta and Android M Developer Preview are out, it’s time to pit the two next to each other and see how the two most popular mobile operating systems have visually evolved in last one year.

iOS 9 screenshots are on the left while Android M ones are on the right.


iOS 9 Beta vs Android M Developer Preview – Side-by-Side Comparison:

iOS 9 vs Android M – Phones:

ios 9 vs android_0030

Lock Screen: Apple’s new San Francisco font in iOS 9 vs Google’s tweaked Roboto font in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0029

Lock Screen: Notifications

ios 9 vs android_0032

Home Screen

ios 9 vs android_0007

New Spotlight Search page in iOS 9 vs Google Now page in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0042



 Notification Center

ios 9 vs android_0035

Apps on Home Screen (iOS 9) vs apps in App Drawer (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0033

Search everything. Spotlight Search vs Google.

ios 9 vs android_0034

Siri UI vs Google Now UI

ios 9 vs android_0039

Multitasking switcher

ios 9 vs android_0041

Control Center in iOS 9 vs Quick Settings Tiles in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0040

Apple Photos (iOS 9) vs Google Photos (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0036


ios 9 vs android_0037


ios 9 vs android_0038

Low Power Mode (iOS 9) vs Battery saver (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0043

Transit in Apple Maps vs Transit in Google Maps.


Apple Health in iOS 9 vs Google Fit in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0044

iCloud Drive app (iOS 9) vs Google Drive app (Android M)

ios 9 vs android_0045

Camera app

ios 9 vs android_0046

Privacy features in iOS 9 on left. App permissions in Android M on right.

ios 9 vs android_0048

Now Playing: Apple Music vs Google Play Music


Albums: iOS 9’s Apple Music app vs Android M’s Google Play Music app.


Notes in iOS 9 vs Google Keep in Android M.

ios 9 vs android_0050

Search Settings

ios 9 vs android_0051

iOS Share Sheet on left. Android Share Menu on right.

ios 9 vs android_0049

Volume HUD


Landscape Home Screen (iOS 9 – iPhone 6 Plus)


Stock Apple Keyboard vs Stock Google Keyboard.


System-wide dictation in keyboard.

iOS 9 vs Android M – Tablets:

With Android M, Google has natively added support for split-screen multitasking for tablets. This functionality though is in infancy stages at the moment and that’s probably the reason why Google didn’t announce it on-stage at I/O 2015. To enable this secret hidden feature of Android M, you can follow the instructions here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.09.19 AM

Apple on the other hand has finally made true multitasking on iPad official with iOS 9. Here’s how it looks and works:


 Slide Over: Open second app over the first one on side without leaving the first one.


 Switching apps in Slide Over.


 Split View: Open two active apps side-by-side at the same time in 50/50 or 70/30 view.


Picture-in-Picture (PiP): Watch a video in a small window while continue working in any other app. The video window can also be repositioned or resized.


Yes you can also use all three Slide Over, Split View and Picture-in-Picture at the same time.

Both Apple’s iOS 9 and Google’s Android M are scheduled from end-user release this fall. You can download and test both right now by following our guides below:

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