iOS 5.0.2 For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Reportedly Delayed Due To Memory Leak Issues

Although we were expecting Tim Cook and his collection of finely-trained specialists to fix those lingering battery issues by this week, it seems as though we’re going to have to wait just a little longer.

Granted, there hasn’t been a repeat of the antennagate farce of 2010’s iPhone/iOS update season, but this year’s belated release hasn’t exactly followed the smooth, uniform schedule we often associate with Apple.

We should really have seen it coming. After all, with several pre-release beta versions of iOS 5 before end-user release, it was clear that the fruit company was struggling to piece together the rather extensive jigsaw of new features which included iCloud, iTunes Match, iOS 5, iPhone 4S.

Macerkopf, the site which appeared to confirm the all-remedying iOS 5.0.2 update as being released this week, has dramatically U-turned by stating that it "probably" will not rear its head in the coming days, whilst not really offering an ETA, either.

The site states that whilst the battery issues have been sorted out (where have we heard that before?), there are ongoing issues with memory leaks which require a little more scrutiny, so rather than have to release 5.0.3 almost immediately after, Apple has apparently decided to spend a little time and sort out all major issues. How noble of them.

The battery problems haven’t affected anywhere near as many people as the iPhone 4’s antenna issues, and only affects certain configurations – probably a defining factor in the delay. Some have reported deterioration of around 10% per hour, and although as smartphone users we’ve become used to the high juice consumption, this takes it to a whole new level.

Whatever the due-date, Apple had better get things sorted out pronto, or face the potential wrath of thousands of bemused iPhone 4S owners, whom after spending a small fortune on the device, are left with sub-standard battery retention.

As soon as the 5.0.2 release does arrive, we’ll have it ready for your downloading pleasure, so watch this space!

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