iOS 17 Bugs And Fixes For Most Common Issues On iPhone

Here are iOS 17 bugs and fixes for most common issues on iPhone that you may need to check out.

OK so now that iOS 17 is out you eagerly downloaded and installed it, but you’re running into a problem. Don’t worry, the chances are good that there’s an easy fix — and here are some of the most common.

There are a number of common issues that people find themselves with when they update to a new version of iOS, but thankfully many of them can be easily fixed without resorting to anything too drastic. Here are some of those problems and the fixes that go with them.

No Cellular Data After Updating

Some people find that they don’t have any access to cellular data after updating to a new version of iOS. The fix? We’ve seen this happen to people who have two lines on their iPhones.

In some cases, the two lines get switched and the new default one might not have data associated with it. Check which line you have currently set up as your default data source and switch it back if needed.

Bad iOS 17 Battery Life Drain

If you’ve updated to iOS 17 and are suffering from poor battery life, it’s likely that it will right itself of its own accord. But if not, check out our rundown of the fixes before resorting to contacting Apple.

Poor WiFi Connectivity

WiFi can be a problematic beast at the best of times, but updating your iPhone shouldn’t break it. If it has, these are the tips we’d suggest following to get things back up and running.

No Service Issue After Upgrading

Some strange things can happen when you update your iPhone so it isn’t unheard of for iPhones to lose cellular connectivity. These fixes should get you back up and running soon enough, though.

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