iOS 12 Final ‘Pwned’ By Yalu Developer, Chinese Team Demos Untethered Jailbreak

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Italian developer and security researcher Luca Todesco has taken to Twitter to confirm that he has “pwned” iOS 12 final. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a slew of attention being paid to iOS 12 and the foundations of a publicly available jailbreak.

The Todesco tweet didn’t include much information other than confirmation that he had managed to pwn iOS 12 final on the first day of it being available in the public domain.

Naturally, Todesco, like many other security researchers, has been playing with iOS 12 beta and GM looking for vulnerabilities in order to exploit the platform. Prior to Apple pushing out the final version of iOS 12 he had shared a video demonstration of him hacking the platform.

In a statement that will also be extremely embarrassing to Apple, today’s tweet also confirmed that he didn’t have to change a single line of code in his previous project in order to pwn the final version of iOS 12. If accurate, it would suggest that Apple hasn’t made any under-the-hood changes or security enhancements to the platform as it moves from iOS 12 beta 12 to the Golden Master seed, which, as we already know, is the same build that was released to the public yesterday for all compatible iPhone and iPad hardware.

When reading the comments and replies to the tweet, we can see that Todesco plans to put another demo video together but is waiting for the arrival of iPhone XS in order to do so. It’s likely that this video demo will be exactly the same as the one he previously released, except for the fact that the build number of the installed firmware version would be different to account for it being iOS 12 final installed on the device.

In light of the news, the “when jailbreak” and “jailbreak eta bro” tweets and replies have already started spamming the timeline of the Italian developer. Luca has previously shown good form when it comes to developing and releasing a jailbreak, with Yalu and Yalu102 being notable contributions to the liberation cause. However, as things stand, we really don’t know his intentions this time around.

In addition to Todesco tweeting about his success, we have a team from Ali Security demoing what it claims to be an iOS 12 untethered jailbreak running on an iPhone X. The jailbreak tool, we’re told, is an in-house solution, and whether it’ll see the light of day for us mere mortals holding onto iOS 12-powered iPhones and iPads, is anyone’s guess. We will be keeping tabs on any development from Todesco and Ali Security.

For now, check out the video of the untethered jailbreak in action in the video below.

(Source: @qwertyoruiopz [Twitter], Ali Security [YouTube])

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