iOS 12 Beta Problems And Issues That You Are Likely To Encounter When Testing On iPhone Or iPad

The first rule of WWDC is – and always has been – do not install beta software on your main device. Did you get so excited that you had to break that rule and you now find yourself with the iOS 12 beta installed on your main iPhone? If so, then you’re likely going to encounter some problems.

It should really go without saying but Apple’s initial release of iOS 12 – and any initial firmware release as a beta, for that matter – should generally be classified and unstable and not fit for purpose as far as everyday use goes.

After all, this is an initial release which has more than three months to go before it’s classed as being ready for prime time. Still, iPhone owners get excited, see shiny new software, and really can’t control themselves. If you’ve taken the plunge, then you are going to experience problems and we’ve highlighted a few issues which have already come to light for your attention.

  1. Multiple compatibility issues with third-party apps. This is definitely to be expected as app developers haven’t had a chance to even test their apps against the iOS 12 yet, let alone fix any issues. Issues with Skype force closing and with the hugely popular Fortnite game have already come to light. It seems that publisher EA also has issues with games like Real Racing 3 crashing on launch.
  2. The Personal Hotspot feature built into iOS may not work for all devices running iOS 12.
  3. Skype app having issues on CarPlay as well.
  4. iOS 12 doesn’t seem to know the difference between a cellular and non-cellular iPad and is showing the cellular icon on Wi-Fi only hardware.
  5. Parts of Safari and the system seem to be taking a break with Safari Suggestions not working properly.
  6. Keyboard suggestions are a welcome addition to iOS but aren’t working correctly in iOS 12. Certain UI Glitches may be seen.
  7. The good old “Cannot connect to the App Store” error message is back. Which is just as well as a lot of apps are crashing on iOS 12.
  8. The newly introduced effects are not functional in the Camera app accessed via Messages.
  9. Notifications are extremely important but badges aren’t working very well for some apps.
  10. If you rely heavily on mobile banking apps as part of your day-to-day mobile experience, then you may want to give iOS 12 a wide berth.
  11. The lock screen has certain visual glitches.
  12. No-one has ever really liked Apple’s intrusive volume HUD in iOS. However, in iOS 12, it can sometimes take over the whole screen. Now that’s intrusion on steroids.
  13. Keyboards need a little more work in iOS 12. Certain issues have been identified switching between conversations. Others have just identified entirely random looking keyboard with weird drop shadows.
  14. Certain navigation apps, such as Waze, have issues obtaining a GPS signal.
  15. All contextual menus exposed from an icon using 3D Touch are semi-transparent and difficult to read.
  16. Animations might stutter here and there.

So, as you can see, and, as expected in all honesty, iOS 12 is a very early beta 1 right now and as you might expect has a lot of beta issues. If you are planning on installing it, make sure that you look through the list above and see if there is anthing there that immediately stands out to you as a red flag to prevent installation. We also suggest installing it on a test device only.

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