Image Of Claimed Budget ‘iPhone 5C’ Packaging Shows Up Online

We’ve had more rumors than we care to count of late, all claiming that Apple will release a new, budget oriented iPhone later this year, possibly alongside the more expensive iPhone 5S. At this point it’s almost a certainty that Apple will indeed bring two new model iPhones to market around September or October time, but the rumor-mill is still working on working out the details.

The latest piece of the jigsaw may just have given us a name for this unannounced iPhone – the iPhone 5C.

A new photo coming out of Chinese website WeiPhone [Google Translate] appears to show the packaging that the new budget iPhone 5C will ship in. Or at least, some of it.


The white rear shell of what appears to be an iPhone box is clearly on show, with the moniker ‘iPhone 5C’ emblazoned upon it. Popular speculation suggests that this ‘C’ could stand for ‘Color,’ a nod to the fact that Apple’s supposedly budget smartphone will be available in a range of colors such as blue, or red. This is obviously just guesswork at this point, but it would make sense and considering we’ve no better suggestions ourselves, we’ll go along with that.

iPhone 5C

Leaked packaging of iPhone 5C?

The box itself closely resembles the boxes that iPod touches ship in, which also makes plenty of sense if Apple is going to try and market the devices using the color as a major point. Making it easy for potential customers to see the color options available would surely be a sound marketing strategy.

The iPhone 5C, if it indeed to be called that, has been showing up in leaked photos for some time now. With a plastic shell, the handset is going to be geared towards the more budget conscious customer, whilst also appealing to those that want their iPhones to be a little more ‘bright’ than average. It would certainly appear that it won’t be too long now before we’re walking down the street and seeing the abomination that is a bight blue iPhone attached to someone’s ear.


The current 5th-gen iPod touch

(via: MacRumors)

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