iCollect Movies for iPhone

Developer Hooked In Motion has recently released version 2.0 of "iCollect Movies" for iPhone and iPod touch. This app allows you to scan the barcode of your movies with your iPhone’s camera. It then queries it’s database and automatically adds the title to a easy to read catalog, including information like genre, rating, run time, and much more.

Here’s a full feature list:

– Scan in your movies via UPC using the built-in camera.
– Manually type in the UPC.
– Manual entry with no barcode.
– Spiders Google and our own servers for a cover and information about a title.
– If no information is present, take your own picture and type in the details and add it to our server for others to use.
– Use a picture from anywhere on the web for your covers.
– Use a picture from your Photo Library.
– IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes links
– Add it to your library. Sort by Blu-ray, DVD, or customize your filter bar right from the main screen.
– Tab badges allow you to quickly see how many movies you own.
– Sift quickly through your catalog using the index.
– CoverFlow.
– Library view.
– Backup/Restore
– Shake for random movie.
– Sort without The and A option.
– Loan your movies out and keep track of who has what using your contacts list or custom entry.
– See movies you’ve never watched or watched a long time ago using the "Last Watched" feature.
– Entry for purchased value and date.
– Options for Actors, Directors, Regions, Audio, Subtitles, and more!
– Customs which information is displayed in your movie cells.
– Add a movie to a wishlist if you know you want to buy it in the future.
– Email out your wishlists to family and friends for holidays and birthdays.
– Already ordered a movie but don’t have it yet? Add it as a preorder. Add the release date as well.
– Incredible search capabilities. Browse through your library in a whole new way. Want to see all movies you have that star Steve Martin? Easy. Want to see all of your Japanese movies only? Easy.
– Video tutorial for help.
– A LOT more!

I use this app to catalog all my DVD’s, BluRay’s, and HD-DVD’s (yes, I still have HD-DVD’s ;)). The camera scanning is impressive. It scans just like a bar code scanner you might find in a commercial context, even including a "beep" sound to confirm the scan. Every scan, for me,  has been very accurate, but if you happen to have a rare movie, that is not in their database, just manually enter the information your self, and it is uploaded to the database. This app works with all iPhone cameras, but probably works best with the iPhone 3GS camera

"iCollect Movies" is available now, in the App Store, for $2.99. Due for release this month is, "iCollect Video Games", to catalog your XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii games. Other similar apps in the works, are iCollect apps for music, books, comic books, Lego, Barbie, Beanie Babies, and wine.

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