Huawei CEO Says Apple Is His ‘Role Model’ When It Comes To User Privacy

There has long been a concern that Huawei’s ties with the Chinese government but CEO, Ron Zhengfei, says that we need not worry. According to the head man, Huawei would never share users’ data with the Chinese government.

In fact, Zhengfei says that Apple is his “role mode” when it comes to privacy. We already know that Huawei models much of what it does on the iPhone maker, but its stance on privacy? Not so much. But apparently it’s true.

It’s so true that Zhengfei wants Huawei to follow Apple’s lead on privacy according to a new interview conducted with CNBC.

“We will never do such a thing. If I had done it even once, the US would have evidence to spread around the world. Then the 170 countries and regions in which we currently operate would stop buying our products, and our company would collapse.

After that, who would pay the debts we owe? Our employees are all very competent, so they would resign and start their own companies, leaving me alone to pay off our debts. I would rather die.”

That final sentence may be a little too on the nose, given China’s human rights history in such matters.

The timing of the CEO’s comments is interesting given the fact his company is currently in the midst of a battle with the United States.

The US government has concerns over the links between Huawei and the Chinese government, suggesting that using its network infrastructure for 5G connectivity would be a security risk. Huawei, predictably, feels otherwise.

(Source: CNBC)

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